Guilt: The Elephant in the (exam) Room.

“I don’t do guilt.” Dr. Robin Taylor is a pulmonologist who practices in Glasgow, Scotland. Most of the patients who come to see him in his respiratory clinic, smoke. And one of the most important things he could help them do for their health is to quit. And as simple as it sounds, it is notoriously a difficult thing to do. And it is not … Continue reading Guilt: The Elephant in the (exam) Room.

Friday Assorted Links #14

Hello friends, A few new links today. All evolving around the themes of exploration, creativity, vitality and resilience. I have been listening to the Song Explorer podcast for a while, but had no idea that there is Netflix show now based on the podcast: “Song Explorer: how music gets made”. Same idea. Deconstructing songs, looking for their roots and elements to reveal how they came … Continue reading Friday Assorted Links #14