Marcin Chwistek, MD

Hi, I am Marcin. I am a medical doctor, a rookie blogger, and a writer. I take care of patients with cancer, teach medical students and junior doctors, and conduct research to advance the care of patients with serious illness.

I have always wanted to understand and explore ways in which a serious illness (such as cancer or depression) shapes our lives, relationships, and sense of ourselves. I am fascinated by medical progress and recent discoveries (from social science, evolutionary medicine, and neuroscience) shaping our understanding of the human condition.

I am passionate about ways to translate them into medical care that is deeply human, connected, supported by technology and available to everyone. I write on topics that help me explore new insights, make new connections, and research ways in which we can best take care of each other.

This blog is a place for conversations about health, science, and compassionate healthcare.

Thanks for learning alongside me!

What else? I was born and grew up near Kraków, Poland, and moved to the USA at 28. I speak and write in English and Polish. I live with my wife, two kids, a dog (Charlie), and a cat (Tokyo) in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

For more, here’s my official website and a recent list of published articles and books. You can also find me on Twitter @mchwistek and on Linkedin.

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