Friday Assorted Links #12

A new edition of Oliver Sack’s third book (originally published in 1984) and entitled: “A Leg to Stand On” with a new forward from Kate Edgar, his longtime editor, is out.   Speaking of Oliver Sacks: Ric Burns’s “tender and thrilling” and long-awaited documentary OLIVER SACKS: HIS OWN LIFE has been available for viewing from 9/23 via a COVID-compliant virtual theatrical release. Check it out! Click here for … Continue reading Friday Assorted Links #12

Restoring the Clinical Note

A few years back, Abraham Verghese wrote “Physician as Storyteller” where he told a story of a patient of his who underwent a discectomy complicated by a rare infection at the side of the surgery. Verghese wrote a case report detailing the clinical situation which he later shared with the patient who was elated to be “a rare case.” Until he read the report: “Abraham, … Continue reading Restoring the Clinical Note