Friday Assorted Links #8

  • Have you ever held your breath while answering an email? We take 23,000 breaths a day. And yet most of us don’t know how to breathe properly. Via the Guardian.

  • As the men’s and women’s singles draws for the United States Open finally arrived on Thursday…“we’re now learning how the absence of crowd energy will affect professional athletes. How that absence will be felt in tennis is even more entertaining, because even when there is a crowd at a tennis match, they are not supposed to make any noise, save the occasional gasp.” Via Atlas Obscura.

  • A fascinating podcast with Carol Loomis. Carol Loomis was a journalist At Fortune for 60 years! She continues to edit Warren Buffett’s annual report. Via Longform Podcast.

“Writing itself makes you realize where there are holes in things. I’m never sure what I think until I see what I write. And so I believe that, even though you’re an optimist, the analysis part of you kicks in when you sit down to construct a story or a paragraph or a sentence. You think, ‘Oh, that can’t be right.’ And you have to go back, and you have to rethink it all.” 

“His wry and witty extempore style, honed in Liverpool, was characteristically engaging. Subsequently posted on YouTube, the talk has reputedly been viewed by 380 million people in 160 countries and has influenced schools around the world.”

Until the next time.

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