Friday Assorted Links #4

  • A new book: “Transcend” by Scott Barry Kauffman. I just started reading it and it is fabulous. Kauffman takes Maslow’s humanistic psychology and his most known – and turns out often misunderstood – concept of “hierarchy of needs” and elevates it with the latest scientific findings from a wide range of fields. “My research has convinced me that we all have extraordinary creative, humanitarian, and spiritual possibilities but are often alienated from them because we are so focused on a very narrow slice of who we are.”

  • Intimacy Is Overrated: Concerts in the Livestream Era” – a NYT article by Jon Pareles. “What’s lost when audiences can’t be close to musicians, applause is virtual and over-the-top artists are crammed into screens? So much.” Another aspect of the life in the time of pandemic as we transition from in person encounters to virtual experiences of delivering health, watching sports, and participating in entertainment.

  • Elon Musk’s interviewed by Maureeen Dowd. “The billionaire space oddity on life with Grimes and Baby X, Trump, Tesla, tunnels, short shorts, stock surges, Facebook fumbles and everything else under the sun.”

  • Raw Craft with Anthony Bourdain. 14 episodes available on YouTube and done in 2015. It is not about food, but Bourdain talks with master craftsman and craftswomen, going to their shops and observing their work. In our era of knowledge work, watching someone work with their hands and being able to observe up close their amazing craft is deeply satisfying and yes, calming.

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