FAL or Friday Assorted Links

  • Maria Konnikova’s newest book “The Biggest Bluff.” Maria tells a story of her journey into the world of professional poker. But that’s only one, albeit very engaging, narrative thread of the book. The other one, the deeper end, if you will, is about the science of decision making. “Poker is not about winning or losing—that’s chance. It’s about thinking—the process.” I am half way through the book and found it very engaging. I am making lots of notes and my marginalia are in full flourish. Always a good sign! Check it out.

  • Hamilton” is available on Disney Plus for all of you who have not yet watched it or want to re-live the experience. I could not watch the show live, but thoroughly enjoyed the film production. Highly recommended, especially around the July 4th weekend. You do need a subscription to Disney Plus (about $7/month, you can cancel anytime. Disney no longer offers a free trial). Here is an opinion piece in the Atlantic.

  • In the Economist (paywall) there is an article about an arduous trip Anton Chekhov made in May 1890 to the island of Sakhalin to document the life of the penal colony.

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